About Me

I’m a hands on technologist typically working in SMBs or start-ups companies. I’ve been a founder multiple times, and I survived the dot-com era. Currently launching CampusESP.com.

Between start-up ventures I consult as a “Virtual CTO” for small teams. While I’m not tied to any one technology, I really enjoy coding in C# as I’ve been working with .NET since pre version 1.0. Lately I’ve been extremely impressed with the open source movement of Microsoft and the adoption of dotnet core on platforms like AWS. It’s made programming fun again.

Architecturally I focus on High Availability (H/A) and High Scalability (H/S) systems. I believe in complete automation of systems and pragmatic unit/domain/behavioral testing.

For fun, our family likes to travel and you’ll often find me working from practically anywhere there is a good internet connection. You’ll never know if that last PR was merged from Wegmans in King of Prussia, PA or from Le Mange Disque in Rennes, France.